Multi Get

The multiget request allows us to execute multiple get requests in a single request, reducing round trip latency. The format is simple, pass a list of get requests into the client method.

First, import the ElasticDSL

```tut:silent import com.sksamuel.elastic4s.ElasticDsl._

Then to issue multiple get requests we can do something like the following:

  get(3) from "coldplay/albums",
  get(5) from "coldplay/albums",
  get(7) from "coldplay/albums"

This is exactly the same as for the get request, except you must wrap the multiple get requests inside a multiget block. Routing, version and fetched fields options can be specified in the same way as normal get requests:

tut:book multiget( get(3) from "coldplay/albums" routing "2" storedFields("name", "year"), get(5) from "coldplay/albums" routing "1", get(7) from "coldplay/albums" version 5 )